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About: Regis Peltier



 Welcome to my underwater photography page.



8 years ago, diving in Maldives was for me a first experience in giving a go at my CMAS ** certification in different (and warmer) waters than home: Antibes, France.



I brought my Ikelite housing and Canon 5D with me, not really knowing what to expect from them.



A few years later, the 5D has become Mark III, my certification has improved a bit and I am now using an upgraded kit from Subal and Subtronics, and the go has become a calling.



This web page is still quite new, so please feel free to drop me a mail with your impressions and suggestions.





 Here are sincere thanks to great people that did help me out, teach me,

 or simply waited for me while I was playing with those mantas or nudibranchs

 throughout the years. Some are also famous for feeding us after the

 night dives...or not killing me when the light goes off:



Alex, Andreas, Dave, Bebeh, Bernard, Les Bibis, Claude, Christel, Dima, Frank, Gilles, Ksenia, Mag, Mary, Mika, Phil, Scrat, Theo, Twinkle, Valmon, Ysa


...and many other buddies that have accompanied me through the years !





And of course, my favorite boat for diving in Maldives:


MV Orion